Saturday, 7 July 2012

Commission Killer - Whats All The fuss About?

Commission Killer is a new internet marketing course by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker.  Like many courses before it, Commission Killer promises to teach you all you need to know about making money online, whether you  have been into IM before or whether you are just a complete newbie. In fact, this course claims that you can earn as much as $1000 a day without really trying - sounds good to me.

So, how does it all work, is it another scam or does Commission Killer really deliver the goods?

Well, the first thing that interested me was that you don't need to do any heavy lifting to make that kind of cash. In fact, according to the authors all you have to do is simply input a line of code into the software that they supply and then use this software to create your own set of highly profitable  “cash generators”. According to Craig and Kyle, the worlds top or 'super' affiliates as they are known have been using this exact same technique for years now but they have been the first ones to lift the lid and let the little guy get access to some of this huge piece of pie (worth an eye-watering $17 BILLION every year!!!!)

It almost sounds too good to be true - no writing, no real marketing and no expensive pay per click campaigns that suck your cash before you have a chance to make any.

Now, the problem is, when it comes to grandiose claims like these, I'm a hardened old sceptic. BUT.. I also try and keep an open mind and when theres a sneaky bit of software involved, I like to take it for a spin - after all, you never know and all that. so I did what every committed IM'er should do I

Ok, so the software isn't perfect but you know what - I've paid a lot more for worse! The software automates some of the mind-numbingly boring and time consuming processes involved in internet marketing by helping you to grab already-existing material and spinning it to make it unique.  The algorithms are pretty sophisticated so you don't need to worry about getting caught by Pandas, Penguins, farmers or anything else that the search engines throw at you.

The videos are good as well - Craig and Rob are great guys - I bumped into then at a conference last year and I can say that they really know their stuff. You will learn a lot about SEO, marketing and conversion techniques in these videos even if you don't use the software so in my opinion, its money well spent in any case.

The software also includes some other great features - it helps you track down exact match domains - and we all know how powerful (and increasingly rare) they are. It has a great spinner and site builder, content submitter and even a product finder that will help you to uncover those killer little commission paying products that will soon have the money falling into your lap.

I liked Commission Killer a lot, and I would recommend it for anyone who is a newcomer or an intermediate marketer looking to take their online earnings to the next level. But, hey don't just take my word for it

and find out more for yourself.

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